Monday, January 27, 2014

If I had a daughter...

If I had a daughter, I'd buy her dresses and shower her with attention. I'd hope to maker her feel like she is special and give her my love and affection. I'd carry her home from the hospital and I'd watch her sleep. I lay down my life without so much as a peep.
If I had a daughter I'd pray for her every single day. That she'd remember the wisdom that I'd attempt to live on display. That she'd grow up wise, not just smart as some people do. She'd see most mistakes before she made them or carried them through.  I'd teach her to be careful when carrying thing, and each day let her know the joy that her smile brings.  I tickle her to hear her uproarious laughter and stand between her and disaster. I would safeguard her innocence and teach her of integrity, teach her to grow in the ways of God and what it means to truly be free. I'd teach her of sin, and what it means to be right. That the way to defeat shadows is to remain in the light. I'd teach her what Peace means to the soul, at the same breakfast table lined with cereal bowls. I'd teach her that women are warriors and the ways they wage war. How to fight, what to fight, and what is worth fighting for.
If I had a daughter I would teach her about boys. The things that make them stupid, and how they can consider girls as toys. I'd tell her of her worth, about honor and praise. Teach her not to succumb to the temptations flesh craves. I would educate her about finding an honest and true man. Not a boy that breaks a heart just because he can.  I'd teach her that some days will be lonely waiting for some worthy guy. That there are many brands of poison appealing to the eye. I'd teach her that the body is a temple to not be given away, and to not listen to the words that any snakes may say. I'd tell her that love has the power to heal a soul or devastatingly destroy, and is a sacred thing that should not be shared with just any old boy.
If I had a daughter I'd evaluate the man of her choice. His style, his dress, do I hear godliness in his voice?
Is he a pansy, a thinker, a bruiser looking for a fight? I'd teach her that discernment isn't right and wrong, its right and almost right.
If I had a daughter I'd want to trust that I'd raised funny and sweet, and that these types of features would attract the man I'd meet. She'd grow to have opinions and she'd argue with me, and i'd cave when I'm wrong eventually.  I'd weep when I held her, all the days of her life this wonderful product of love I'd made with my wife. She'd teach me about God by the way of the Father's hand, and it would break and re-enforce me in ways I do not yet understand.  From the moment she'd be announced, to the moment I'm dead, love, laughter, peace, dread,terror, and hope would forever swirl in my head.

Yet every time I am reclined and she'd come lay on my chest, I would thank God for my child and count myself a man blessed.

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