Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Bar Scene

Earth is a night club called purgatory. We're born in line waiting to get in and when we do, we see our cover charge was the choices we made to get here. Me, I've made my way to the bar and I'm trying to drown out the hedonistic trance music that is playing over head. 

I order a glass of wine and it comes in a grail from an Israeli bartender, and he warns me that sipping of this cup will cost me my life.  A casual glance around the room and I am aware of the lack of light in the place. At one end of the bar I see what looks like a neatly groomed man with his hair parted to the side and a genuine smile on his face. His suit is black and his hair is blonde and he moves with a rigid composure in my direction. I can tell this man has the appearance of light as it shimmers so dimly off the gold cufflinks. I remark to myself on how clean his appearance is as I look him in the eyes and see a quiet darkness. He introduces him self as The Latter Day saint and offers his card while grabbing me a coaster. "Sign here on this line and we'll give you stock options, and direct deposit of spiritual blessings with 10% annual growth" His voice is smooth, convincing and for a moment I think about joining until he hands me his solid gold pen.  I thank him for his kindness and his service as I turn back to the cup of wine sitting before me.

 The music in this place is so awful, but the beat, it can be enticing, the longer I sit here.  At the other end of the bar there is a woman in a deep blue dress standing on one foot on the bar stool. I find her beauty alluring, as she seems to be perfectly at peace with the fact that she is doing something so absurd. Her hair is long and dark, pulled back into a pony tail the way that I find so attractive. She seems so unphased by the crowded room and all the people fighting on the dance floor. Now that I think of it, I see most of the people are driven mad on the dance floor for they want so desperately to stop dancing, but they can't, because they equate the moment with feeling alive, and the high they get from the fun is their god. To stop is to die, and they aren't ready to admit that they are already dead. I turn back to the woman in the dress and her eyes are shut. She is aware of everything that is going on, but you couldn't tell from her face. The eastern slant in her eyes and her composure tells me that she isn't American to say the least. I think about asking her to dance, but there are a group of people with their fingers in their ears with wide eyes screaming that none of this is real, and that when you stop dancing that is all.

The bouncer at the door is holding a staff with a cross as he is patting people down and pointing people to where they can score some blow. I sigh a heavy sigh and say aloud that "I see too much" as I stare down into this grail of wine.  I turn and look at the mirror across the bar, glaring deep into my eyes, into my soul and I beg to know who I really am. My thoughts are interrupted by the Jewish bartender with the white rag wiping the insides of some beer mugs. "you're dead" he says.

I take a sip of the wine, which is strange because I have never really cared for it before, and I ask"how'd you know?"  "Everyone is from the second they're born, and the irony is they spend their time looking for the meaning of life." I ask him what her story is as I point to the woman at the end of the bar. "she thinks we're all just energy, and she has part of it right about balance and things. Your friend over there who passed you his card, has the essence of what it means to be a servant, but, some of the finer details of who and why are off. Let me ask you, why not dance?" HE asked as he set his glass down and peered over the bar. The tone in his voice resonated with me, like  he had some authority, and I knew better than to lie to him.  " Because I think that that life is a wasted life. That is a real death. If I am a dead man already, I don't dance. I just move when moved." I answered.  He smiled through his thick beard and he took my glass in his hand. " This is the wine of the covenant, my blood, poured out. Keep drinking dead man, and I will show you what real life is."

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