Saturday, March 31, 2012


Sometimes I have nights where I sit here looking at the white screen and I know that I can't sleep because there is something on my heart that I have to get on "paper"'

This is one of those nights where I have to write something and I just don't know what.

I had a long conversation with a  friend of mine today about various things, and one of the things they brought up was the fact that they read and appreciated my most titled Non-consensual evangelism.

He shared about how he has an atheist friend who has this mentality that he has to always prove how smart he is. He prides himself on his intellect and how he feels that he is doing the world a service by saving them from their fairy tale illusions of a real god.  He touts his beliefs not for the sake of the education of a person but for the reward that he reaps in the self justification.

Then it struck me how many people in the church are exactly the same way.  I know I touched on it in the post, but I found it interesting the parallel.

I have this christian friend who has this mentality that he has to always prove how wrong everyone else is. He prides himself on his knowledge of the scriptures and how he feels that he is saving the world by forcing the word on people and shattering their lies. He touts his beliefs, not for the sake of the perishing, but for the boasting of his works in the kingdom of God.

Person one, and person two might as well be the same person because they have the same kind of spirit. They love to argue to prove how smart they are. They love to rant about how religion has it wrong and how science  disproved an age old claim of faith. They love to rant about how science has it wrong and religion has upheld things that science has backtracked over.

Here is the kicker on that...

An atheist in a sense puts himself in a position of God by denying a higher power or any need to submit to one.

This christian puts them self in a position like God, by not loving as Christ loved, not loving enemies, and championed their will for God, instead of what God has willed for them.

Atheist says I am the captain of my own destiny.
 This christian says, Only God is above me. ....which is contrast to humility.

I wonder if this is what it means to be a tare amongst the wheat.
To have a form of godliness but a denial of the power.

I think the whole us, them, mentality is one of the current snares of modern day protestant theology.

Who do you serve?
Do you serve God?
Or do you serve yourself in the name of God?

Christ said the greatest amongst you is the least. That is the quiet one whom is serving others. Loving others. Forgiving others. That is what I think. 


  1. Aw, man... I was hoping this was just a post about Twinkies and you misspelled it...


  2. Nice, God hates pride and he said love your neibor as yourself and that is the greatest commandment out their