Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Good Book.

"Out of abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks" 

Wisdom I read in a book once. A book that taught me truths about myself before I ever knew them. It warned me of mistakes that I would make, and it testified to it's validity once I'd made them.  It taught me to listen at a time when the voice of pain within me was screaming loudly within me. It taught me to listen beyond myself, To the muted cries of other souls within themselves.

And out of abundance of the heart, The mouth speaks.

I read this, semi-self help book, once. The author was telling me to be on guard. He said to guard my heart, and he told me to guard my words. He said something about taking the thoughts captive too. The thoughts are like seeds scattered on the soil, and should you plant them in the soil of your mind, they will take root....

...and you will reap a harvest. 

I read this book with some friends once. We bonded over the whole connection of head and heart working in unison as God Himself designed. I know a lot of people who have either the head or the heart but not both.
There is are pages in this book, and they talk about one who wanted to be God, and he failed. He fell. He convinced others to fall.  I imagine him saying something to the matter of "If I cannot be seen as God, then I will destroy all that bears His image" 

In this book I'm reading, It tells me things that I've understood before I ever read them. It writes of a history of men, who do not know wisdom. Men who do not know to guard their thoughts. Who have left no watchman on the wall to their hearts.  I have seen these brothers... sisters... fathers.... friends... strangers....  I have watch them empty all that once resembled wisdom, or all that may have been defined as love. I watch their hearts fill with words of hatred. 

.... and out of abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. 

Consumed, they've become. So much of their life is filled with railing against a God that they do not believe.

And when I see, with true eyes, I wonder if this is just a sliver of the pain God feels... Looking upon that which He knew, and loved, is lost. 


  1. What can we do in his image, knowing the helplessness to help them to help themselves when the gift is rejected and love is unrecognized?

    1. Your sentence is pleagued with confuscation